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The RDSF works to improve total wellness for families affected by HIV, Hepatitis, and substance use disorders through education, advocacy, resources, and links to care.

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The RDSF Spring Giving Campaign begins on May 1, 2021.

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Our Focus



Education serves multiple objectives and the relative importance of each of the objectives can be very personal.

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Advocacy is any activity by an individual or group we recognize that aim to influence member decisions.

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Resources can be texts, videos, websites, and other materials that we use to assist members to meet the expectations they have for themselves.

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Our Partners

Our Story

The Reginald & Dionne Smith Foundation, Inc. (RDSF) was established on September 13, 2012, by Reggie Smith and his wife Dionne Smith. The organization was created to diminish the stigma and increase the awareness about the unmet needs of U.S. families affected by HIV and Hepatitis.  The couple and their children had experienced the suffering caused by an HIV/AIDS diagnosis because Reggie had been living with AIDS since 1984.  Added to this was the burden of the discovery that Reggie was co-infected with the Hepatitis C virus.  As a result of their experiences, with the love and support of many, Reggie and Dionne focused their efforts on sharing holistic healing solutions for those infected and affected with HIV and/or Hepatitis. From their successful accomplishments, the RDSF was born.     

During its early years, the foundation operated under the leadership of one of its founders, Reggie Smith. With financial support from a variety of sources, the organization was able to work with local and national partners such as HIV Anonymous, HCV Anonymous, Making-A-Way Housing, and the National Minority Clinical Research Association, to create and implement community education programs in live, web based, and print formats.

Today, the Reginald and Dionne Smith Foundation, Inc. remains a non-governmental organization which is committed to improving the health and welfare of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Substance Use Disorders.

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